About the Council

The Mauritius Council of Registered Librarians (MCRL) is a corporate body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts & Culture. It was set up in October 2002 as per the provisions of the Mauritius Council of Registered Librarians Act 2000.

The Council:

aspires to be the collective voice of all Library & Information Science (LIS) Professionals ,
advocates equal right to information for all citizens in their
pursuit of information, ideas and knowledge , and
believes in the freedom to read, learn and discover.

We encourage all professionals in this field to join hands and strive to attain excellence in our respective area of activities.

MCRL is dedicated to promote the common interest of all professionals in LIS. No matter who you are, we invite you to explore the site. To always improve and to provide access to a vast array of information sources related to the discipline of Librarianship and Information Science, we welcome your comments, suggestions, views and ideas


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